Moving On.

The thing people don’t tell you about moving on is that, it’s hard.
It’s always advised, when things go wrong or not according to plan, to move on.
Move on, Move on, Move on.
As if it’s that simple. They fail to say, “Move on, it will be hard, but you can do it” and I’m realizing now that they don’t say all of that because 9/10, they don’t expect that you can do it. DON’T BELIEVE THAT. You can move on. Yes, it will be hard. Nothing is ever easy, but moving on from a person, a situation, that can be the best thing you do, for yourself.
So yes, you need to unfollow them on social media.
Yes, you need to delete their number.
Yes, you need to stop looking at the text message thread.
Yes, you need to stop thinking about them.
Do a complete detox.
Don’t get on social media, read a book.
Do anything else.
Like I said, I wish they were upfront about all of this whenever “Move on” is brought up, however, do it. For you. 

I believe in you.


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a lot of outbursts... A LOT oh, I'm on a podcast too!

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