Be You.

You know what inspires me? Seriously, I doubt you do so I'll just tell you. It inspires me when someone is their genuine self, unapologetically. With all the people in the world and everything going on, on a day to day bases… it is really motivational to see people being them. Living their truths, their best lives.
Why be someone other than yourself? Yourself is beautiful.
Despite the past.
Despite the bad.
Despite your mistakes.
Despite the narrative.
Despite what you may see as baggage. Everyone has baggage. But what's so great about that is, finding the other set of baggage that matches yours, down to the carry on bag.
Did that make you smile? I hope it did.
Anyways, I say this to say, don't worry about what's going on in life. Don't focus on the bad and please don't dwell on the past and previous mistakes. What happened, happened, and you're still here. Stronger. Better. So, be you and don't apologize. Be happy about the skin you're in, you can't change it anyways.
Ah, there's that smile.

Jupyter ☄️

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a lot of outbursts... A LOT oh, I'm on a podcast too!

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