Inhale Love, Exhale Hate.

That’s a mantra used for my personal meditation.
Inhale love, exhale hate.
When I think about it, I use that mantra with every breath that I take. It’s something that I work towards, everyday to do. Exhale hate being a priority. I try not to be so much of a ‘peace and love’ person because I don’t want to paint the picture of something that I’m not. I’m just me, however, I do believe that you get what you give out and that’s what keeps me always going to the right, opposed to the left, even when I want too, when I’m dragged towards the left. Karma has no limitations. Home girl is for everybody but I don’t want her to be for me if it’s something that I can help, especially with something negative.
Inhale love, exhale hate
When you strive to focus on the good, opposed to the evil.
When you strive to be good, opposed to, well, I won’t say bad because everyone’s definition of bad is different, so how about this, opposed to the not so best self.
When you strive to remain positive, no matter the circumstance,
You’re inhaling love, and exhaling hate and I hope good things happen to do.
I hope great things happen for you.
I hope you decide to be a beacon of light for others around you.
Be a blessing to someone


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