You know what?

Let’s be real.
We know what’s toxic.
For us and to us.
So, let’s not be naive right now.
But in case you don’t know or you don’t recognize toxic energy, allow me this time to clarify.
Toxic situations can be relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc), environments, situations, ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT LEAVE YOU FEELING REFRESHED AND HAPPY IN THE END IS TOXIC.
Now, understand that toxic relationships and self sabotage are two separate things.
Self sabotage is when you, yourself, ruin something good. And hey, maybe it was good but just not for you or something in your spirit told you this wasn’t a good idea, however, self sabotaging is in, all ways, blocking a blessing or a lesson, in most cases.
Now, I’m saying all of this to say that, the two do go hand in hand.
In most cases, we, as people, self sabotage to deter from toxic energy, vibes, spirits, auras, however you refer to it and that’s for the good of our beings. But, in other cases, we don’t.
We end up running something that could end up being the best thing that’s ever happened to us and we know this because, it has our name on it. It comes back around. You know it.
We need to stop.
Self sabotage is the path of self destruction. If you ruined everything that’s ever came near you because you were scared or didn’t trust the situation, those actions are not going to help you grow.
And even if it was toxic, even if it is toxic, that experience is going to leave a lesson with you, an impression on you. It could help someone else grow through their own situations.
I know you’re thinking, “why does it have to be me?” but I’m thinking, “why not you?” You are equipped and capable of this season of trial to bring fourth someone’s tribulation and you never know. This could be your testimony of you’re work. You’re faith. You’re belief.
So, don’t block a blessing.
But, if you know in your heart of hearts and in your spirit and your entire being is screaming at you that this thing is toxic, let it go. Your happiness, and safety, are more important.
The hardest thing for humans to do is to move on because it’s never easy, but it can be done.
I believe in you.
I believe in your intuition.

Trust yourself.


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