It’s not easy,
but do it for yourself.
The best advice I’ve received this year was to forgive those who weren’t even sorry.
The pain.
The mistrust.
The hurt.
The anxiety.
The hole I felt in my heart.
The lump I felt in my throat.
The way my thoughts turned dark.
The way my positive smile turned negative.
They weren’t sorry, and I had to realize that, that was ok.
And I had to believe that. Not for them, but for me.
“When we harbor and hold a bitter spirit towards others, we are daring God to do the same towards us.”
That was honestly, a hard pill to swallow, but realizing and understanding the truth in that, was my growing point.
I can’t be mad at the way people treat me because I allowed it.
I can’t be mad at the way people treat me because it’s showing me their true colors.
I can’t be mad at that.
Well, I can, but it does no one any good.
So, why?
I’ll tell you why, because we get so caught up on feelings and emotions, temporary feelings and emotions when, we shouldn’t.
And all of this is coming from personal experiences because I want to share with you, what I’ve learned. What I’ve grown through.
Like I said, it’s not easy. It never is however, once you grow through it, once it’s over and done, please, do not look back.
Let the past, stay in the past.
When you choose to forgive them, and the world no longer feels like it’s on your shoulders, accept your glow.
Accept your growth.
Accept it all.
You deserve it.


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