Just a thought.

3 things that are promised. 3 things that are inevitable. 3 things you can experience.
Going through life and taking everything as a learning experience is a learning experience. Cliché yet truthful.

Don't take anything for granted. Don't waste any experience. Time is valuable. Time is precious. Time is yours. Take advantage of what is yours.
you never feel the same love twice and that is true, however, you still feel love. No matter who is giving it. No matter who is receiving it. Love is love. You can get it over and over and over again from multiple sources, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy it.
Do you know that you can be alive and still be dead? Well, not in terms of medical but more so, your spirit. Don't let your spirit die before it is called home. Bask in time. Bask in love. Wait for death.

All things that can't be rushed. You can't rush time, no matter how hard we try. You can't rush love, no matter how appealing it may seem. And, you can't rush death, and honestly, why would you want too? Take head to these 3 factors of life and enjoy them. Live in them.


Published by themayanempire

a lot of outbursts... A LOT oh, I'm on a podcast too! www.blackeducatedandbroke.com

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