The company you keep

Do you know what kind of company you keep? Like, do you really know them? This includes life long friends as well because as seasons change, as do people.

Be mindful of this.

The company you keep is a reflection of you.How do you want to be perceived?

How do you want to be looked at?

How do you want to be viewed?

The company you keep, whether it be, friends, significant others, family, it’s all something that you should not take lightly.

This is your livelihood, your reputation.

My mother always told me that “All a woman really has is her name” and I took that and applied it to every aspect of my life because in my experiences, it has proven to be true. Men and women both, all we have is our name. You can not get that back once it’s been ruined.

Basically, what I am saying is, your name holds your reputation, your character… How people view you once your name has been said. I am not saying, that you should care about what people think because, live life for yourself and not others, but I am saying that, somethings are better off done in private, ya know?

Anyways, when you’re going about friendships, partnerships, what have you… Be mindful.

Birds of a feather flock together

Does he or she take your feelings into consideration?

Does he or she think highly of you, of your name?

Does he or she care?

Does he or she have a name of their own?

Do you?

Does he or she pray for you?

Does he or she prey on you?

Do you pray for them?

Do you prey on them?

Is it a healthy exchange of energies?

Is it as healthy vibe?

Are you giving and receiving?

As you ask these questions, and maybe you even come up with some of your own that I didn’t post, ask them back to yourself.

People can not take from an empty table

You need to have something to give in return to what you are asking, from anyone.

It should always be, 100/100 not 50/50 or 80/20, to me that’s bull. If I give my all, I want your all in return however, that’s personal preference.

Anyways, be the friend or love you think you are and don’t accept anything less in return and always, always, always, be mindful of your kept company.



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