the Thing about ‘No’

It hurts.

we, as humans, have to admit that hearing “no”, as a form of rejection, hurts.

But, the other thing about “no”, is that, it’s not the end.

Don’t let “no”, be an end all be all for your dreams, goals, aspirations… anything and everything that you’re striving for.

“No” is not the end.

It’s simply a setback for a major comeback and i choose to believe that. it’s the only way that something good, something worthwhile… meaningful and everlasting, to grow… to preserve… to be given life.

So, yes, hearing “no” hurts. Take the time to feel that hurt. Release that emotion that pain brings but don’t dwell in it. Feel what you need to feel, as soon as you feel it and let it pass

Because “no”, is not the end.

Let it be the beginning….

It is the beginning…

Trust me



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