Off The Grid

Have you ever just wanted to go, off the grid? Like, delete all of your social media. Change your number and not give the new number to anyone, or better yet, turn your phone off? I know for a fact that I have. Still do. It’s a goal, an aspiration… a dream of mine. SomeContinue reading “Off The Grid”

The company you keep

Do you know what kind of company you keep? Like, do you really know them? This includes life long friends as well because as seasons change, as do people. Be mindful of this. The company you keep is a reflection of you.How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to be lookedContinue reading “The company you keep”

It is what it is

You know what's crazy?How one minute you can be so in love and the next, you're not.How you can be best friends with someone and then, you're not.How you can see forever with someone and then, you can't even see the next second with them.How you can be so happy and then, you're battling depression.HowContinue reading “It is what it is”

Things I’ve learned…

Progression.I don't know why, but growth is actually pretty scary and you wanna know something? It's ok to admit it.I'm scared.You're scared.We're all scared.Progression, however, shouldn't be scary. When you're living your best life, you can face any and everything life throws at you.Let go.Why hold on? Your grip on something that doesn't want toContinue reading “Things I’ve learned…”