the Thing about ‘No’

It hurts. we, as humans, have to admit that hearing “no”, as a form of rejection, hurts. But, the other thing about “no”, is that, it’s not the end. Don’t let “no”, be an end all be all for your dreams, goals, aspirations… anything and everything that you’re striving for. “No” is not the end.Continue reading “the Thing about ‘No’”

You know what?

Let’s be real. We know what’s toxic. For us and to us. So, let’s not be naive right now. But in case you don’t know or you don’t recognize toxic energy, allow me this time to clarify. Toxic situations can be relationships (romantic, family, friends, etc), environments, situations, ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT LEAVE YOU FEELINGContinue reading “You know what?”

Moving On.

The thing people don’t tell you about moving on is that, it’s hard. It’s always advised, when things go wrong or not according to plan, to move on. Move on, Move on, Move on. As if it’s that simple. They fail to say, “Move on, it will be hard, but you can do it” andContinue reading “Moving On.”