Just a thought.

Time.Love.Death.3 things that are promised. 3 things that are inevitable. 3 things you can experience.Going through life and taking everything as a learning experience is a learning experience. Cliché yet truthful. Time.Don't take anything for granted. Don't waste any experience. Time is valuable. Time is precious. Time is yours. Take advantage of what is yours.Love.youContinue reading “Just a thought.”


It’s not easy, but do it for yourself. The best advice I’ve received this year was to forgive those who weren’t even sorry. The pain. The mistrust. The hurt. The anxiety. The hole I felt in my heart. The lump I felt in my throat. The way my thoughts turned dark. The way my positiveContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Wanna know something?

Do the thing that scares you. Never in a million years did I think more than half of the things that I am doing now would even be close to my radar and honestly, I never thought I’d be doing them because it scared the SugarHoneyIcedTea out of me but those things happened to be,Continue reading “Wanna know something?”